Oct 20, 2007

Brought to you by the number Zero

My week in review:

High Point

  • My birthday - I think 31 has been more exciting and filled with more little surprises than 30. Everyone really made me feel good with plenty of smiles and laughter filling my air. I loved my day....and days.
Mid Points
  • Uncle Harv had his kidney stones broken up via laser, finally. No more tearing up his insides trying to pass them. Cool part is the laser left bruising on his back in little dot patterns, connect the dots any one?
  • Pretty much everyone I know had a rough week at work: Meags with her presentations, Alex being told he may have to go on another tour immediately, Me being stupid and trying to catch up and not taking a weekend just made for crappy all the way around. Many more stories, but none are coming to mind at the moment.
  • Geoff-geoff had another knee surgery, more scar tissue removed, no more dead people parts added. Wondering if he says, "I am dead people" now. During his drugged up state on Thursday night, I directed him in hooking up his Voip backwards...maybe he should have shared the pain killers.
Bad Points
  • Uncle Terry went in for angioplasty and instead is getting bypass surgery. Grr. Pray.
  • Meags, poor Meags has lost two of her animals this week: Schoogz, her sugar glider, and Midnight, her dog. I hate seeing her this upset.
  • Dr. Brian lost one of his labs.
If I am correct, that is 3 animal deaths and 3 surgical procedures. Damn 3. I'm liking zero today.

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alicewonderland said...

I seriously think you need to make another post. I want more Turtle. I need more Turtle. It's a bit like cowbell, ya know.