Jan 12, 2007

a blank page

I'm staring at a blank page. I've done this a lot lately even with quite a bit to say. I am just not sure where to start, what to say, or how to write it.

a new year, a new company, a new job/career, new people to meet, one of my best friends from high school re-entering my life (via work), new relationship challenges, being forced to relive nightmares, nephews-cousins-siblings growing up before my eyes, deaths, births, happy returns...and it is only twelve days into this new year of 2007.

2007....I hope is great and wonderful. Anything is better than 2006.

New company, job and co-workers...All are a breath of fresh air and bring a smile (unforced) to my face.

Relationship challenges...Well, I guess we all face these in life. I seem to be facing them more and more in life lately, both personally and professionally, with family and in "love, or the quest for it". I think the switch to Paxil and the growing more sure of myself has a lot to do with the changes and challenges. I didn't expect the challenges to grow in numbers as I became more sure of who I am now, but they are.

Nightmares...never ending nightmares. (And Meaghan, please stop rolling in the ketchup by the sandbox).

Cycles of life...again, never ending sad times and glad times balancing each other out, or one hopes. Isn't that the way it is supposed to work?

Happy returns...I recently ran into a friend I am very glad to have back in my life. We have both grown up a lot since our days together in high school, but it doesn't seem like we've been apart for 8 years. It is amazing how true friends are still that no matter what space or time separates them.

Well, there is my roll-up so far...more to come later